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Find the Perfect Gifts for Your Friends & Roommates


Finding the right present for each person in your life can feel like a total feat – Dad likes cars, Mom is into collectibles, and the roomie is all about fashion. But what gift do you give someone who seems to have everything? Luckily, The Cloisters Miami student housing has your go-to guide for finding that perfect holiday present.

How Can I Come Up With Good Ideas for Gifts?

There are a few questions to think about before running off to the store: What are the recipient’s interests? Do they like practical items or sentimental ones? Is Mom’s ultimate gift a clean house versus a piece of jewelry? If you got them a particular item how often will they use it and what value will it bring to them? Sometimes someone else has already done all the deep thinking for you. Here is an epic list of personality-based gift ideas. BuzzFeed also comes through with an awesome list of gifts to give someone who has everything – click here to scroll through their inventive ideas and get inspired.

Homemade Versus Store-Bought Gifts

The big question: Do I make them something or do I buy it? Really, this comes down to how much time and energy you want to invest in it, how sentimental you want it to be, and the size of your budget. For budget-friendly and more sentimental options, homemade is often the best route. If you’re pressed for time, buying a gift is where it’s at.

For homemade presents, these insanely-cool ideas are definitely going to impress your friends and roommates this holiday season. Easily pick up crafting supplies within a few blocks of The Cloisters Miami, at stores like Rex Art Supplies, Blick Art Materials, Jerry’s Art Supply & Framing Wholesale Club, and Michaels. Pick out your idea, purchase your supplies, and set up shop in your spacious Cloisters apartment.

Where Can I Buy Holiday Gifts in Miami, Florida?

For a trendy and unique shopping selection, Urben Gifts & Gadgets has everything from bookshelf sculptures to skateboards and journals. Southwest Community Farmers’ Market has locally-made sweets, honeys, jams, soaps, and baked goods, so you can give a gift with authentic local flavor and flair. You can even pick up a tropical houseplant like an orchid or philodendron or some handcrafted pottery items – this place has it all.

Have fun shopping and enjoy the feels you’ll get when you see how thrilled recipients are when they open your fantastic gifts. And take a look at The Cloisters’ Neighborhood page for more recommendations for great dining, shipping, and recreation venues close to the University of Miami campus in South Miami.


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